Endorsement - TRX Cymbals

In mid 2018 I had the pleasure of becoming a TRX Cymbals Artist. TRX is the first company I ever signed a contract with and they believed in me from the start!

TRX is a company I have been a fan of ever since I was younger. The sound of their cymbals are both Dynamic and unique. Although sound is extremely important , for me feel is equally important.

In my experience with playing different brands of cymbals I have never had the exact mixture of both sound and feel. For me TRX's Blend series Cymbals does just that. The Blend series allows me to play all genres of music.

Its been an amazing experience getting to work with David and his team.They have supported from the beginning. I really look forward to see what is coming next for TRX. I will be using TRX Cymbals for all my performances throughout 2019.

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TRX Cymbals
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