In early January 2020 I saw a company online that created bespoke Jewellery! They created Jewellery made completely out of Cymbals...

Straight away after seeing their products I knew I had to be part of the Drumsome family. I got talking to André, one of the co owners! We talked about Drumsomes story and some of the products they've released!

I chose the Angela and Momino as my first two necklaces! I was super happy with the quality and quick delivery! I will continue to use Drumsome Jewellery throughout my videos and live performances so keep an eye out!

I was thankful to be contacted by TNR Products in mid September 2019. They had seen my playing through social media and decided to send me out some of their products....

Their trademark booty shakers keep both your Snares and Toms off the rigged plastic/metal stands. This helps to increase the overall tone of your Drums. For recording it's a real bonus as it helps to give the Drums a extra bit of life.

It's great to be apart of the Tnr Products Rooster. Thanks to Rich and all the guys over at Tnr for all of your help and support. I can't wait to continue to use their products in all of my recording and live sessions.

On the 19th of August 2019 Musicmaker held a Drum Clinic in The Button Factory Dublin....

Drummers like Mike Johnston , Ash Soan , Mark Guiliana and Robert Sput Searight were all playing. I was fortunate enough to attend and get to meet all of the guys before and after the gig. It was great to see such a wide variety of styles when it came to playing.

Hearing these guys live makes you appreciate more the level of skill each of them has.

I also got to meet some Irish Drummers that have been following my content for a while. It was great to see the reach social media has when it comes to connecting everyone. I want to thank all of the guys at MusicMaker for organising this event and I also want to thank all the guys for all the inspiration!

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